What is the Register of Deeds?

What is the Register of Deeds?

The Register of Deeds is a four-year elected office. This office records, indexes, and stores all real estate and business related documents that are presented for recording. This office also issues marriage licenses and handles notary commissions and military discharge recordings. In addition, this office provides certified copies of recorded documents including marriage certificates, birth and death records in accordance with North Carolina law.
The Register of Deeds provides a single location in which records of real property rights are recorded and may be researched by interested parties. The Register of Deeds often maintains documents regularly recorded, including deeds, mortgages, mechanic’s liens, releases and plats, among others. To allow full access to deeds recorded throughout the office history, several indexes may be maintained, which include grantor–grantee indexes, tract indexes, and plat maps. Storage methods to record registry entries include paper, microform, and computer.
The principles of statutory, case, and common law are given effect by the Register of Deeds, insofar as it relates to vested ownership in land and other real rights. Because estate in land can be held in so many complex ways, a single deeds registry provides some clarity, even though it cannot “guarantee” those real property rights.
The legal certainty provided by a title deed issued under the registration of the Register of Deeds is of great significance to all parties who hold, or wish to acquire rights in real property. Certainty of title is the basis for the investment of massive amounts of money in real estate development for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural use each year. This is why the meticulous recording of registration information by the Register of Deeds is so important.
Each document recorded against title to real estate can be examined and the portion of the bundle of rights that it includes can be determined. These records can assist interested parties in researching the history of land and the chain of title for any property and purpose.

Why Vote for David Barber?

Experience. David Barber is a former Register of Deeds. He was elected in 2004 and in 2008. He was also twice elected Clerk of Superior Court, in 2010 and in 2014. Barber has 14 years of managerial experience.


Knowledge. David Barber is an Elon graduate, a UNC Law graduate and an experienced attorney.


Leadership. As Alamance County’s Register of Deeds, David was the first to put land records online. He began reforms to put other government records online in Alamance County. If elected, he will put his years of managerial experience to use at the Register of Deeds, delivering courteous, efficient to the people of Alamance County. Once elected he plans to lower the cost of uncertified copies of vital records for the citizens of Alamance County.


How Will David Barber Improve the Office of the Register of Deeds?

David Barber will continue to improve the online and remote access capabilities of the Office of the Register of Deeds.  If elected, David will implement upgrades that will make accessing and paying for documents more streamlined and accessible for all of the citizens of Alamance County.